Running Man Recreation Association

Pool Rules, Regulations, Policies & Procedures

Fifteenth Edition, Effective August 10, 2016


Pool Management/Lifeguards

A) A Red Cross certified lifeguard will always be on duty during normal operating hours.

B) The following whistle signals will be observed:

C) Board members, manager, lifeguards or swim coach, hereafter referred to as Management Team, are in complete authority and every person who uses the pool, clubhouse facilities, other buildings, parking lot and grounds, shall abide by his/her instructions.

D) If any person acts in such a manner as to endanger himself or anyone else, or restrict any other persons rightful enjoyment of the facilities, they may be asked to leave the premises immediately. ABUSIVE LANGUAGE, DISRESPECT, ARGUING, FIGHTING OR HARASSMENT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. PERSONS DISPLAYING SUCH ACTIONS WILL BE SUBJECT TO EJECTION. REINSTATEMENT TO THE FACILITIES WILL ONLY BE CONSIDERED AFTER A REVIEW OF THE BEHAVIOR BY THE MANAGEMENT TEAM AND PERSONS INVOLVED.

E) Lifeguards on duty will report consistent violators of the rules to the RMRA Board of Directors. The Board will intervene if necessary to correct any ongoing issues. Board members phone numbers will be made available to the pool manager and lifeguard staff.

F) Any complaint made by a member regarding conduct of another member/guest or conduct or performance of any officer, committee member, or any employee of the association in regards to any phase of facility operation, should be submitted in writing, to the Board for final decision and disposition. The management team shall not be directly reprimanded by the members.


Pool Hours

A) The pool will open on Memorial Day Weekend and be open on weekends until school ends, then be open daily through Labor Day Weekend. Please check the RMRA Home page ( or the pool bulletin board for the latest pool hours. The pool will be closed at 4 p.m. several times each summer for home swim meets.

B) Please note - there are certain instances when the pool hours may deviate from the posted schedule due to storms, chemical imbalances, emergencies, etc.


Pool Admittance/Identification

A) Any member that is not current in their financial responsibilities to the Association or release of liability will not be admitted. Pool pass ID cards will be required to gain entrance to the pool area. Each member/guest entering the pool must submit their pass to the lifeguard in the guardroom. Their pass will be returned when the member leaves the pool.

B) Requirements for unattended children are a minimum age of 10 years old and must pass the swim test (1 length of the pool, continuous swim) given by the lifeguard staff. A record will be kept of those who have been tested as well as any guest.


Guest Policy

A) Non-members living in the Running Man Community will generally not be admitted as guests to the pool.


  1. Non-member Running Man residents may be admitted to the pool as paying guests (with guest pass) when attending a member-sponsored event at the pool.
  2. Non-members who are gainfully employed as child care providers will be allowed free admittance to the pool when providing child care for member children. Members desiring this privilege shall provide the name of the child care provider to the RMRA board.
  3. All Running Man residents are welcome during RMRA-sponsored open houses.
  4. Families interested in becoming members may be granted a one-day pass from the Board to sample the facilities.

B) Greater Peninsula guests (Newport News, Hampton, Norfolk, Va. Beach, Portsmouth, Smithfield, Suffolk, Nansemond Co., Williamsburg, James City Co., Gloucester Co., York Co., and Poquoson) must have a guest pass. An exception is made for immediate family members including parents, grandparents, children, and grandchildren. No charge will be required for children under the age of three (3) or guests in street clothes that are not swimming. Members must purchase guest passes in advance. Pass cards may be purchased in the amounts of five ($10) or ten ($20) visits. Guest passes will only be available for purchase from RMRA board members or lifeguard management.

C) Overnight houseguests of members, out of the Greater Peninsula area will be admitted FIVE (5) times free. Additional days require guest passes.

D) Members must accompany their guests and register them upon entering the pool or clubhouse. Full name, age, mailing address and type of guest (i.e. overnight, long term, Greater Peninsula) will be required. Any guest who is admitted under fraudulent circumstances will not be permitted on the Association property for the remainder of the season. Furthermore, any member who signs in unauthorized guests will be suspended from the Association property for ten (10) days for the first offense, with a warning letter sent to the shareholder. A second offense will suspend the member for the remainder of the season.

E) Guests may not invite other guests.

F) Members are responsible for informing their guests of the rules, regulations, policies and procedures of our pool.

G) Guests are limited to ten (10) visits per season.

H) Members may request exceptions to these guest privileges by petitioning the Board for approval. Please contact the Board as each situation must be handled on a case-by-case basis.


Child Care

A) Members who are gainfully employed as childcare providers for non-members' children, will abide by the Guest Policies.

B) Non-members who are gainfully employed as childcare providers will be allowed free admittance to the pool when providing child care for member children. Members desiring this privilege shall provide the name of the childcare provider to the RMRA board.

C) Childcare providers not exercising responsible control of their children will be asked to leave the pool.

D) Other childcare exceptions can be brought to the RMRA Board.


Food and Refreshments

A) Vendors will not be allowed in the parking area or on Association property without Board approval.

B) Please do not eat within four feet of the pool. Drinks in non-glass containers with lids are allowed at the edge of the pool but may not be taken into the pool. Glass containers or bottles are not allowed on the pool deck at any time. Members shall pick up all dropped food and trash and dispose of it in the trash/recycle containers.

C) Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in pool area during normal operating hours.

D) Please help keep the facilities clean. Utilize trash receptacles and recycle whenever possible.


Responsibilities of Members and Guests

A) No person may use the Associations facilities until their financial obligations have been met.

B) Members and guests will be responsible for their own children. The lifeguards are not expected to be baby-sitters.

C) Each member is responsible for his/her actions, their children's, and their guest's actions.

D) Each member is responsible for keeping the pool enclosure, clubhouse and grounds clean.

E) Members having physical handicaps are requested to notify lifeguards for their safety.

F) The Association is not responsible for any loss of money or other property by members or guests.

G) The cost of any damage to Association property by a member or guest will be charged to the responsible member.

H) All persons using the pool do so at their own risk. The Association is not responsible for any accident or injury in connection with such use. Each family must read and sign the liability release. This release must be in the member's file before they will be admitted to the pool.


Pool Rental

A) Only RMRA members may rent the pool.

B) Rental application is made through the Clubhouse Rental Manager, who will coordinate with the Pool Management Company. The necessary forms can be found at the RMRA website,

C) The same rules, regulations, policies and procedures that govern Clubhouse rentals apply to pool rentals.

D) The pool may not be rented during normal pool hours.

E) The pool rental rate is $50 an hour. MINIMUM RENTAL IS 2 HOURS.

F) Two lifeguards are included in the cost of the pool rental. Additional lifeguards will be needed if the number of attendees is over 25.


General Rules, Health and Safety

A) Pets--Pets are not allowed in the pool, pool deck, or Clubhouse.

B) Smoking—There will be no smoking in the Clubhouse facility or within the gated grounds, to include e-cigarettes and vapor. Smokeless tobacco is not allowed.

C) Drugs--Any member or guest who appears to be using drugs or distributing such, will be asked to leave Association grounds and the proper authorities will be notified.

D) Parking/Gate Area--The gate area will be kept clear-NO LOITERING ALLOWED. Emergency vehicles are the only vehicles allowed to park in front of the gate. Please park only in allocated parking spaces. Do not park on Running Man Trail.

E) Motorized Bikes and Bicycles--Motorized bikes must be kept off Association property. Bicycles must be parked in the bike racks and should be locked.

F) Wheeled Vehicles--Wheel chairs, carriages, strollers or wagons are welcome inside the pool enclosure. Only wheel chairs are allowed in the Clubhouse.

G) Glass, Metal, Toys--No glass or sharp metal objects are allowed in the pool area. Small, soft plastic, unbreakable toys are allowed in the wading pool area. Soft nerf balls and basketball playing will be allowed at the discretion of the management team and will be limited to certain areas of the pool. Hard balls are not permitted in the pool area. Do not play ball or throw balls from the deck.

H) Bathing Suits--Only bathing suits are to be worn in the pool. No cut-off jeans, street clothing, towels, shoes (except Aqua shoes) buckles or belts are allowed in the pool. Exception: T-shirts will be allowed at lifeguard’s discretion.

I) Showers--All bathers should shower before entering the pool.

J) Rest Period--At ten minutes before every hour the guards will blow whistles to indicate the beginning of a ten minute rest period. (When both lifeguards are up on lifeguard chairs, the break will be called at 15 minutes before the hour.) This is time for young swimmers to rest and remain back from the edge of the pool. These swimmers may not use the wading pool during rest periods. Adults (16 or older) are allowed to swim during this period and children under five (5) years of age may be taken in the pool by a parent during rest period.

K) Non-swimmers--Non-swimming children must be supervised by a responsible adult care provider. Parents should be within one arm’s reach of these children at all times. Non-swimmers in the deep end are strongly encouraged to wear a USCG approved flotation device/life jacket. A limited number of these are available to borrow in the lifeguard office for small children. The Board highly recommends swimming lessons for members, children or adults, who are non-swimmers.

L) Lightning--The pool will be cleared and closed during any evidence of lightning. The pool will not reopen until there has been no lightning or thunder for 30 minutes, and if severe storms are predicted the pool may close for the day. Make emergency arrangements with your children if thunderstorms are predicted. Members’ children should be instructed to follow the directions of the lifeguards during a storm.

M) Flotation Devices--Life Jackets and Coast Guard approved swimming aids will be allowed in the pool at the discretion of the lifeguards. Other types of flotation devices and swimming aids must be approved by the guards and used at the guard discretion. Inner tubes with closed centers or long valve stems will not be allowed. Do not stand on, hit, jump, or throw flotation devices from the side of the pool. A parent or responsible adult must be within one arm’s reach of a non-swimming child at all times, do not let a flotation device provide you with a false sense of security. Lifeguards can have their certification revoked by the Red Cross for allowing operations outside the guidelines for flotation devices. Please don't ask a guard to risk their job over a flotation device.

N) Wading Pool--Children using the wading pool must be accompanied by a responsible care provider. The wading pool is for small children only (5 and under) and those persons who normally swim in the large pool are asked not to use the wading pool, rest periods included.

O) Diving--Diving is only allowed during supervised swim team practices and swim meets and at those times only allowed from the deep end of the pool. In accordance with Red Cross and VA Health and Safety Department guidelines (where 9 feet of water is required for recreational diving), no diving is allowed during all other times (pool parties, normal pool operating hours, etc.).

P) Horseplay--No running, hitting, throwing swimmers, flipping towels, sitting on shoulders, wrestling, dunking or grabbing heads or necks or any other unsafe disturbance will be allowed.

Q) Grounds--Parents are advised to warn their children that the parking lot, woods and street are not Running Man playgrounds and they should exercise extreme caution in these areas, especially when vehicles are present.

R) Illness or Sickness--Admission may be refused to anyone with skin abrasions, infectious sores, colds, cough, inflamed eyes or wearing bandages at the discretion of the management team.

S) Pool Furniture--The Association provides some furniture for member/guest use. If you bring your own personal chair/lounge please mark it with your name. For safety do not rock or lean back in chairs. Do not stand in chairs or on benches and tables. Personal furniture will not be stored at the pool facility.

T) Music--Music played at the pool must be at low volume and must be located a significant distance from the guards, so as not to distract or prevent them from hearing a cry for help. You will be asked to turn off music with abusive or profane language.

U) Lifeguards--Members should not engage in conversations with the guards while they are on duty. Please try and ask questions during rest periods.

V) Office/Clubhouse--Swimmers are not allowed in the lifeguard office or Clubhouse, except for the bathroom and water fountain areas.

W) Telephone Calls--Cell phones are welcome. The office phone is for use of the Management Team and for emergency use only.


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