Minutes of the General Membership Meeting

 March 9, 2016



MEETING CALLED TO ORDER:  Hugh Robinson, RMRA President called the meeting to order at 7:03pm.  Board members present were: Hugh Robinson, Nell Twiggs, Ron Jones, Mike Good, and Kathy Cook.  A total of 42 memberships were represented at the meeting, which included 19 members in attendance and 23 proxies.

WELCOME:  Hugh welcomed all attendees of the annual meeting and introduced and thanked the current board members.




APPROVAL OF MARCH 3, 2015 MINUTES:  The minutes from the March 3, 2015 annual general membership meeting were available in handout.  A motion was made by Ron Jones and seconded by Karen Berardini to accept the minutes of the 2015 annual general membership meeting as written.  The motion passed unanimously.




      2015 Budget


o   Easter Egg Hunt

o   Clubhouse/Grounds Clean-up

o   End of School Party

o   4th of July

o   Late Night Swims

o   Dog Swim

o   Halloween Parade

o   Cookies with Santa

      Pool and Clubhouse Renovations

o   Loan and Vendor Selection

  Initial Construction Mortgage Paid Off

  Small Business Loan Obtained from Old Point National Bank

  Committee Formed to Obtain Bids for Works

o   Pool

  Both Pools Resurfaced

  Tile Replaced

  Coping Brick Replaced

  Pools Re-Caulked

  Removable Ladders Installed

o   Clubhouse Renovations

  New BBQ Shelter

  Floors Professionally Cleaned

  Interior Repainted

  New Curtains and Wall Hangings

  Dimmer Switches Installed

  Lifeguard Office Retiled

  New Storage Cabinets Bought

  New Parking Lot Signs In-work




      Proposed budget for 2016 was discussed and a motion made and seconded to approve it. The motion passed unanimously.

      Starting cash balance for 2016 is $62,972.24

      Calendar of activities was presented

      Bylaw Review/Update

o   Formation of a Committee to Review the Current Bylaws

o   Chaired by a Member of the Board of Directors

o   Obtain Input from the General Membership

o   Recommend any Changes for Approval by the Membership at the 2017 Annual Meeting

o   Participation Needed/Encouraged


PROPOSED BYLAW CHANGE:  There was a discussion on the proposal to change the bylaws to reduce the price of new memberships from $1250 to $700.  The basic premise of the issue was a possible solution to increase membership.  The Association does not significantly benefit from the sale of memberships, regardless of price, but derives its benefit from the annual dues which are the basis of our budget.  Increased membership means more funding to make capital improvements, increase activities, or meet budgetary increases due to inflation without raising dues.


After a lengthy exchange of positions and ideas, a motion was made by Bruce Kauder, seconded by Melissa Shandor and carried (12 in favor, 4 against) to defer the vote on the price reduction and return the issue for further study by the committee established to review and update all of our Bylaws, especially concentrating on membership issues.  Our Bylaws have not been changed since they were written in 1999 and there are several articles that are out of date with the way we need to operate in the coming years. 





      The slate for 2016 Board of Directors (recommended by the 2015 Board) was presented to the general membership.  It included six returning and two new members.

      The ballots for the 2016 Board of Directors were collected and nominees shown below were elected by majority (there were no write-in candidates.) 




                        Will Lugo

                        Kelle Shiflett  

                        Mike Good

                        Randy Jacobson         

                        Huck Robinson                      

                        Jeanne Purdy 

                        Doug Kieser   

                        Kathy Cook   



ADJOURNMENT:  With no further business to conduct the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully Submitted,


Lanell Twiggs

Secretary, RMRA