Running Man Recreation Association, 2014 Activities Calendar


May 24-26 Pool Open Noon - 6pm
May 31 - June 1 Pool Open Noon - 6pm
May 27 - June 11 Swim Team Practice (Mon-Fri) 3:30pm - 5:45pm
June 7-8 Pool Open Noon - 6pm
June 12 Pool Opens daily for the summer *Noon - 8pm
June 12 End of School Pool Party 4pm
June 13 Morning Swim Team Practice begins
June 19 Swim Team Time Trials **4pm
June 23 Swim Meet **4pm
June 26 Swim Meet **4pm
July 8 Swim Meet **4pm
July 17 Swim Meet **4pm
July 21 Swim Meet **4pm
July 24 Swim Meet **4pm


* Pool hours, unless otherwise posted, are noon to 8pm.

** Pool closes for home swim meets at 4pm. Meets start at 6pm.

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