Results from RMRA General Membership Meeting held on March 1, 2005

A general membership meeting was held at the Running Man clubhouse on March 1, 2005. At this meeting, it was determined that the dues for the year 2005 would remain at $325 and will be due on May 15, 2005. No changes to the bylaws were made.

Minutes of the meeting

Year 2004 budget summary and year 2005 proposed budget


The Board of Directors that were elected for the year 2005 are:

Beth Lee-Rausch, President, 867-7776

Steve Mason, Vice President, 867-5140

Paul Daspit, Treasurer, 766-5647

Nancy Thompson, Secretary, 643-6314

Melissa Sherman, Clubhouse Coordinator, 766-5588

Jay Roberts, Membership Committee, 867-7299

Carl Wentzel, Pool Operations, 867-6687

Connie Topp, Swim Team, 766-9500

(Please do not call before 9am or after 9pm)


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