Results from RMRA General Membership Meeting held on March 5, 2002

A general membership meeting was held at Tabb Elementary School on March 5, 2002. At this meeting, it was determined that the dues for the year 2002 would be $325 and will be due on May 15, 2002.


Year 2001 budget summary and year 2002 proposed budget


The Board of Directors that were elected for the year 2002 are:

Dan Murri, President, 865-6798

Mick Cowan, Vice President, 867-6585

Liz Rowe, Treasurer, 867-8109

Steve Barneyback, Secretary, 867-7929

Jeff Yetter, Clubhouse Coordinator, 867-9208

Paul Coffin, Membership Committee, 865-3650

Hank Mohrmann, Pool Operations, 868-4559

Kathey Tapfer, Swim Team and Social Activities, 865-2924


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