Running Man Recreation Association News

March 16, 2001

It's that time of the year again when the members of the RMRA start thinking about summer swimming and recreating at the Running Man pool and clubhouse. Although the facility is for dues paying families only we welcome new members. We will be hosting a neighborhood-wide Open House and Pool Swim the afternoon and evening of May 25th to commemorate our 1st anniversary.

We held our annual membership meeting this past February 27th at Tabb Elementary to review last year's operation and discuss major plans for the coming season. After a very long wait the operation of the pool and clubhouse was a large success! We owe that success to all the members who had the foresight, patience, and faith to see the project through to completion. We also are thankful to our partner, Tommy Thompson, who helped generously when we needed it. When we opened last Memorial Day it was surely a great day for Running Man... and then we enjoyed the pool and clubhouse right on through the summer. Our Running Manta Rays swim team also had a great first season.

At the end of last summer we were financially healthy enough to purchase a cover for the pools to protect them during the winter. We also helped the swim team purchase new lane dividers to replace their older ones used during our first year.

We have approved our budget for the coming year. New memberships will remain at $1250 per Running Man family with dues staying at $300 for the season. We will also have a large freezer on premises this season and will offer a wider selection of snacks during hours of operation. If you are interested in joining, Brian McCormick is our membership chairman. He will be on-site at the Open House or you may call him at home. You can also find all the membership data, and RMRA information in general, on our web site:

We are hoping to encourage greater use of the clubhouse this year in addition to growing our membership. The clubhouse can be used for a variety of occasions, with or without the pool, for a nominal fee. Birthday parties, special celebrations and family functions can be arranged with our clubhouse coordinator, Liz Bryant. Each event must be sponsored by a member of the RMRA.

We are going to change management of the pool this year to our own hired management team. If you know of someone who is experienced and responsible and might be interested in the manager position have them get in touch with Phil Comstock or another Board member for details. The manager must be available to prepare the pool for opening prior to the Memorial Day weekend and the close it after the Labor Day holiday. The salary is very competitive.

RMRA Board Members:

Steve Barneyback 867-7929
Liz Bryant 867-9248
Phil Comstock 868-6935
Brian McCormick 865-1739
Hank Mohrmann 868-4559
Sam Motley 867-6709
Liz Rowe 867-8109
Kathey Tapfer 865-2924


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