Running Man Recreation Association

MIinutes of the General Membership Meeting

February 15, 2000

The meeting was held at Tabb Elementary School at 7:00 PM. Board members Rob Learn, Phil Comstock, Sam Motley, Dan Murri, and Sue Stiff were on the agenda to make presentations to the members in attendance.

Rob Learn presented the agenda:

  1. Review and approve minutes
  2. Project history
  3. Budget review
  4. Committee reports
  5. Review proposed Bylaw changes
  6. New business
  7. Election of new Board of Directors

Rob Learn called the meeting to order and requested that the members review the previous meeting minutes. He then called for any discussion of the previous minutes. No response. Motion was made to approve, seconded and passed.

Rob discussed reasons for delays in completion of the project. Significant rain, hurricane, snow, contractor delay, VDOT, etc. have been causes for numerous delays. The fence is now up, the parking lot is almost finished, and landscaping is expected to begin next week. Hopefully, the clubhouse will be completed in the next several weeks and it can then be made available for renting. The pool will be plastered in March or April, will open on Memorial Day weekend, and will close on Labor Day weekend. A contract has been finalized with a pool management company to provide operation of the pool, lifeguards, and pool chemicals. Rob called for questions from the members. None stated.

Phil Comstock discussed the construction budget and the budget for the year 2000. For the construction budget, Phil's projections showed that we are approximately $2000 under budget at this point. However, he stated that we wouldn't know the final construction costs until we receive the final bills from all the contractors. For the year 2000 budget, Phil showed income estimates based on the current membership plus several assumed new memberships. Insurance and pool management costs are known, and utilities and other expenses have been estimated from other pools and clubhouses. Based on these estimates, he showed that maintaining the year 2000 dues at $300 would provide a small surplus (about $200) at the end of the year.

Questions from the members: Will we plan to carry over extra monies in some type of a reserve account? Phil stated yes. Once we have run a full 12 months of mortgage payments and expenses we would have a better account of actual costs of operation and know a better reserve estimate.

Question from the members: Has the possibility of having concessions been discussed? Phil stated yes, that it could be a real moneymaker for the association, but it has not been planned in detail at this time.

Dan Murri made a statement that we are required by the mortgage banker to take an additional $30k in our loan, that would be held in escrow, to cover mortgage payments for one full year in case of financial difficulties.

Question from the members: How long is the mortgage amortized for? Phil stated we have a 15-year amortization with a 5 year balloon with Centura Bank.

Motion from the members to approve budget. The motion was seconded and there was no further discussion. The motion was unanimously approved by show of hands.

Motion from Dan Murri: That the board be granted authority to purchase a pool cover, if they feel it is prudent and the association is financially stable enough to handle the expense. Motion was seconded.

Discussion from members: What is financially feasible? Rob Learn stated if a cover could be purchased with no financial hardship. Phil stated we have $8000 for furnishings, and additional money set aside for landscaping. After these items are completed we would have a better idea of the financial feasibility. This issue would need to be addressed no later than July 2000 for availability of pool cover in October, when needed.

Rob called for a raise of hands all in favor. The motion was unanimously approved.

Committee Reports:

Membership: Dan Murri reported that there are currently 145 members (138 original, 3 developer memberships sold in the new section, and 4 sold by RMRA to homes in the existing neighborhood). The home page is up to date with as much info as possible.

Question from members: When will we receive Membership Certificates? Rob stated when your final payment is made you will receive your actual membership certificate. The "New Board" will issue this.

Comment was made from the floor that the developer is issuing Membership Certificates when selling memberships to homes in the new section. Response from Board was that this is completely in order. He was issued 95 membership certicates when he donated $95,000. As long as he gives or sells them to Running Man owners, who agree to pay annual RMRA dues, he is operating within our guidelines.

Rob stated that the Board is asking for the final membership payment of $350 to be due on 3/1/2000. The $300 dues will be collected sometime in May 2000, although the actual date has not been determined at this time.

Landscaping: Dorothy Frick has taken over the landscaping committee from Sue Stiff. There is a lot of work to be done in the coming weeks and Rob requested that members pitch in and help.

Swim Team: Dorothy Frick reported that the deadline for suggestions for the logo and name is the end of February. The swim team needs to raise money. Harrison and Lear gave the team an electronic starting system valued at $750. They will be doing a pizza fundraiser soon - look for it in the Smoke Signal. In addition, a silent auction will be held when the clubhouse opens. She is asking each swim-team member to donate something for the silent auction. The team is looking for more corporate sponsors and a coach - if anyone has this info please contact Dorothy.

Treasurer: Sam Motley is currently working with the county and state to try to get tax exempt status for the association. He is currently running into difficulty due to the fact that we are a separate entity from the Running Man Community Association. The bill before the Virginia House of Delegates is currently in committee, awaiting approval from the York County Board of Supervisors. Anyone who wishes to make a call on our behalf should call Melanie Rapp who is our contact on the Board of Supervisors.

The association currently has $8700 in the bank. The balance will be updated with the receipt of the $350 final payments due March 1. Some members (23) have already made their final $350 payments. 115 payments are left.

There are two members that have not paid the $150 dues from last year. The association has sent a letter stating a late fee of $10/mo will be assessed and use of the facilities will be suspended for these members until their dues have been paid.

Bylaws: Phil Comstock reviewed the bylaw changes proposed by the Board. At the previous meeting, the Board was tasked to "review the bylaws to ensure adequate safeguards to keep small groups attending the member meeting from passing financial changes without large member approval." The proposed changes addressed this issue and several other items that were in error or needed to be updated. After some discussion, a motion was made to accept the changes as proposed. It was seconded, and passed.

New Business - Question from member - What means was used to count the Proxy votes used during this meeting? Dan Murri stated that he was keeping track of proxies as people signed in. In addition, it was noted that the proxy form allows the voting privilege to be appointed to any person or to the Board of Directors.

A member wished to make a statement for the record: The Board should be commended for the outstanding job they have done to get the project up and running and to the point we are at today.

Phil Comstock read a letter from an absentee member (Mr. Herb Foret) at the member's request.

Question from member - Is the March 1 final payment date a date set by the Board's or is the payment due when the project is complete? Rob Learn stated that the project is almost complete and that the final payment is needed on 3/1/00 in order to pay our contractors and not risk defaulting on our construction bills. There was a motion from the floor to make the final $350 payment due on 3/1/2000. The motion was seconded and unanimously approved.

Election of new Board - It was that stated Rob Learn, Mourod Amer, Steve Kortz, and Sue Stiff would be resigning from the Board. Phil Comstock, Dan Murri and Sam Motley would remain as active Board members. New board members on the ballot were Steve Barneyback, Liz Bryant, Shirley Finucan, Brian McCormick, and Steve Sherman. No write-in candidates were nominated form the floor. The ballots were cast, and the above eight people were unanimously elected.

Rob Learn motioned to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded and passed, and the meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM.

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